WRITTEN ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO... September 4, 2014


Escorting it is...

to be honest, i kinda love that line of work. the people i meet.
i'm really attracted to strippers, prostitutes and those type of people.
so far they have been some of my favorite, real ass bitches i have ever met.

i keep reminding myself,
most people think this is disgusting.
most people won't want to associate themselves with you.
i mean, hell, even i was raised that way.
i keep waiting to have that "AHA!" moment where i'm like this is wrong.

but is it....?

i mean whose to say my job is any better than yours; or worse.
it is what it is.
at least i'm comfortable with it.

bottom line, once you get used to the aggressive pervs out there,
these guys just want to cuddle, be held, and pretend they have a girlfriend for an hour.
and i can't help that i'm sympathetic to that.
IN FACT, i like that i'm sympathetic to that.
Sometimes, i get told I made their day, week, year, life and I feel like a did a good deed to that person.