After a little misunderstanding with a friend of mine - I've been on my grind. 
She just made me want to go harder and top half assing everything and really give it my all.
For instance, I've been escorting for almost a year; the photos of me naked have been, and will be out forever. Everyone, including my family already knows so - i might as well do webcam......

When I'm waiting for work, 
or being lazy
or smoking weed; 
chances are i'm sitting with my laptop. 
And there's a 75% chance I'm naked, 
or close to it.
So, it just made sense.
I was surprised how easy it was to apply, get verified and get started.

All of a sudden I was logged in;
the blue light alongside my webcam on, staring at me.



Within seconds everyone was 'chatting' me saying,
'Hi new girl!'
'Will you do skype?'
or, my personal favorite- just,

Luckily for me, this is not my first time. 
But if it was i'd get eaten alive. 
Most people are trying to scam you.
If I had never done anything like this before and someone messaged me saying,

"I'm looking for a cyber girlfriend. I will give you $1,000 USD a week in exchange for 3 x 15 minute video sessions a week. 2 videos. 10 snapshots and some dirty text. VERY SERIOUS,"

I'd be like, 'SCORE!' and instantly respond showing my interest.
The guy will most likely reply asking / demanding a trial period;
i.e. communicate as per his wishes for a few hours.
The girl, excited and desperate for the money agrees and this guy gets a few hours of your undivided and desperate attention.

It's a shame really...

I'm one of those people that just wants to believe in humanity and that all people are good.
But, then you get jackasses like I described above, time and time again and eventually you just have to face reality.

Webcam is kind-of like an at home stripper club.
At least this is my experience with my first 24 hrs.
I just kept finding good songs and dancing (in my underwear), teasing, and answering flirty questions.
It's fun, and i'm making money.

I can only see 1 person a day escorting.
I get sore from sex pretty easily.
So, this way I can do a lot more.

I keep picturing being in

Of course, I'm doing the drive across the states pretty soon.

But, I have this dream, I can see it.
And, I'm not gonna stop til I get it.