TOURiNG TOMORROW August 15, 2014

Through the industry I've learned little tricks and tips on how to make the most money.
The best one is tours.

This can apply to anywhere.
           i.e. New York Girl to California
        OR i.e. Manchester Sweetheart to London

You go to a new city and advertise where you re, on the site you're on (I'm on adultwork); you draw more attention

Being in a new location (especially cities) opens up all new clients as well as lets you market yourself as a novelty.
My marketing tool is having an American accent; so I can use the tag line
'American Cassidy touring London or Birmingham, etc.

Or my roommate being from up North (Manchester), uses the tag line,
'Manchester Blonde touring London'

I don't know what compelled me to break down tours and explain the 411 like that, haha- 
But there it is!

So, tomorrow (16th) I start my tour to Birmingham for 2 days,
then London for almost 2 weeks!
We're staying for
(The largest street party in Europe!
I meant to go last year but didn't make it, so I'm super pumped!
Also, I will do my best to document on here.

Working in London is always a lot of fun and crazy good money.
Obviously since London is huge and crazy expensive to live in-
most everyone makes more money,
so I can charge a lot more.
Usually within 3-5 days I make between 10,000 - 20,000 USD depending on how much I work or how lazy I'm feeling.
But, because I'm in London,
a place to stay is crazy expensive, food, every day living etc.
Which is why I ask for more.
I end up going shopping too much in London as well.
But, fuck it, 
it feels great to be able to spoil myself and my close friends.