The Wheel in Picadilly Gardens December 17, 2014

Something very interesting and unexplainable is happening;
But I'll try my best to explain.

Not long after joining 'Myfreecams',
I began to gather a few regulars.
Jimmy, however, was my highest tipper of all time and would usually do private Skype sessions.
It was always quite a treat,
Since Jimmy is young, 23, good looking and has a good sized dick to look at while I play with myself.
Most guys in MFC (myfreecams) usually cum pretty fast with me-
But not Jimmy.
This made me almost competitive.
After our first 2 sessions; he still had not cum.
And there I was,
Pleasing myself and cumming too soon.
And once I cum, my pussy is so sensitive and pulsing that I can't keep touching myself.
I began to get frustrated with Jimmy.
I wondered if it was me?
Was I not hot enough? Etc, etc.
but, he always came back to me,
So he must like me... Right?

On our third Skype meet he finally released himself.
I was filled with the drunken power of success.
My body, my words and my show finally got him to cum.
It was just a matter of finding what he liked.
Jimmy and I continued to do Skype dates but he didn't have a microphone,
So I had yet to hear his voice.
Jimmy lived in Manchester, and I still in Preston.
He wanted to come see me in person, for a meet.
When he finally called me to arrange a booking his voice caught me off-guard.
I expected some posh and soft spoken voice for some reason,
And he had a deep thick Manchester accent.
Unfortunately, we were unable to meet that night because I was hanging out with Chloe LaRayne.
Ironically, every time he called I seemed to be having a personal day.
We continued our Skype dates until finally the stars aligned and our plans coincided.
Seeing as he had never seen an escort before and took a 45 minute train ride to Preston,
I met him at the station and walked him to my place.

I could tell he was nervous, and so was I.
I'm ALWAYS nervous meeting someone for the first time.
Jimmy was just as I hoped.
He's so kind, sweet, gentle and thoughtful.
He didn't fuck me- he made love to me.
We couldn't keep our hands off each other.
A few days later; I moved unexpectedly from Preston to Manchester.
With no in-call I started working from hotels in Manchester Centre, but it's been frustrating.
There's been a day where I got a room and tons of calls;
But no one showed up.
Jimmy understood my situation and began seeing me for longer hours and booking the hotels.
Each meet we had we got closer.
Giggling naked, forming inside jokes,
Learning every inch of each other's bodies and loads of amazing sex.
But, yet again Jimmy didn't cum until the 3rd time!
Which re-sparked my frustration.
Online I could grasp but not in person with MY pussy.
I began teasing him and blaming him.
Poor Jimmy trying desperately to cum and please me.

But, when he did; we came together, which is always amazing.
Giving Jimmy this girl friend experience started to evolve and get serious.
Jimmy was seeing me so often and for so long,
I had no need to work in between.
So, lately he'd been the ONLY person I'd been doing in person meets with;
Webcam was still happening.
Jimmy was seeing me for 3 or more hours at a time,
I recommended we go out,
Get dinner (have some drinks, flirt) and then make out the whole can ride home.
Finally, we burst into our hotel room, ripping at each others clothes and dry humping until we finally fuck.
And... That's exactly what we did.
He loved it so much, we continued doing our meets that way.
Each time was such a turn on.
Getting wine and dined, flirting and teasing, making this shy boy get bulging hard during desert.
Whispering, "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you when we get back to the hotel."

I was starting to form feelings.
How could I not?
Being addicted to money and sex, he was the ultimate turn on,
And then he would look me in the eyes and say the sweetest things.
I hated having to get up at the end of our session and go home.
I wanted to fall asleep with him,
And be cuddled all night.
It's been so long for me and I was craving it.
So was he.
He booked me for an overnight.
Money aside, I was nervous.
This man was paying me to have fun, so he could avoid all the bullshit that comes with relationships-
And just FUCK.
Here I was, catching feelings.

The day of our overnight,
I called him at 11AM and asked if we could meet earlier.
I couldn't help it.
Usually I do an overnight from either 6pm-6am, 7pm-7am or 8pm-8am.
I didn't care.
I wanted 2pm-10am, haha.
I met Jimmy early in town and we checked into a fancy hotel room he had booked for the night.
We walked around town, went shopping and then returned to the hotel for a nice, classy dinner.
I'm a stoner; so I kept excusing myself to take a few puffs of my spliff.
Each time, coming back to the table giggling and trying to compose myself.
Our table overlooked the massive wheel in Picadilly Gardens; with the White wine hitting me,
I began to joke about giving him a blow job on the wheel.
We continued to drink and eat our steak; all the while playing footsie and staring into each others' eyes.
After dinner, we decide to cross through the gardens to Morrisons and get supplies for the evening.
I stop in front of the wheel entrance;
And demand we go on.
He laughs and agrees.
"But," I begin with a straight face.
"I'm going to suck your dick and film it."
He laughs again and looks away nervously.
I relay how serious I am.
And when he realizes I'm serious and we're in line, he freaks out.
"Please," he begs.
"Please don't make me do this..."
"It'll be fine!" I re-assure.
"Think of how lucky you are!" I continue to persuade him.
"Most guys would LOVE to get a blowjob in here! I bet if I went up to that guy there-" I point to a measly, greasy wheel worker.
"I bet he would LOVE to go in there with me!"

Jimmy looks like he's going to vomit, but I'm drunk and ballsy;
So I grab his hand and lead him to the individual compartments.
As we stand there, waiting for the wheel to stop, so people can unload and we can get on.
I hug and kiss him, trying to focus him on me.
When were finally in the compartment I burst with excitement to learn there are no cameras inside.
As we begin to go round, I quickly undress and force the camera in his hand.
The compartment behind ours is filled with young kids all using flash on their iPhones to film the view of Manchester.
He begins to panic and I shove my hands down his pants and start sucking his dick before he has time to say anything.
I was able to get 3 mini clips out of the ride.
When we got off there was a stand and a man asking everyone if they wanted to see their picture.
Our drunken faces went bright red as ran past.
When we were in the clear we couldn't stop laughing.
He picks me up and swings me around,
Followed by plopping me down and kissing me gently, just how I like it.
Usually I'm very against PDA (public displays of affection).
But, with Jimmy I want to.
It helps that he's the best kisser I've had in a while.
Trying to get our essential supplies in Morrisons is near impossible.
We're eye-fucking each other instead of the food I'll be wanting when I'm high and need to replenish after sex.
By the time we get to the room we abandon all the plastic shopping bags by the room entrance.
And, like in the movies, keep making out all the way to the bed-
Where we had incredible sex and came at the same time.

The whole night continued that way.
And with all the hours we spent together; we talked, ordered room service sundaes and eventually talked about our feelings.

Since that 1st over night;
I've lost count of how many we've had.
Jimmy keeps hiring me.
I love it, but I'm having a huge internal  mental battle going on now.
You see; Jimmy likes Cassidy when she's around.
I give him everything he wants and am very romantic.
But I see him so much and for so long that I get stuck in this character I am for him.
Ultimately, I'm myself, but I know what he likes-
So I do more of those things.
However, I like who I am when I'm around him.
He likes to hear, 'I love you' and now I've said it so much I believe I do love him.
Not in love with him, but care about him.
So, I told Jimmy all this, even cried about it.
Telling him I'm horrible and I don't know the difference.

I cry and tell him he needs a real girlfriend.
Someone he can be romantic with, because he is.
Someone he can passionately kiss, because he does.
And someone who will be monogamous in return.
But, he just holds me and let's me cry.
Picks my chin up and forces me to look up at him,
Even though I've been furrowed into his shoulder.
I usually struggle to look clients in the eye,
But I have no problem with Jimmy.
He wipes away my tears and tells me, "I'm beautiful."
It's hard not to like hearing that.
I keep trying to tell him horrible stories or be mean and drive him away,
But he keeps coming back.
I don't know what to do.
I had to stop letting him pay me large sums of money,
I started to feel guilty.
So, we agreed on a monthly set amount.

Oh yeah! -
I moved into an amazing 1 bedroom apartment in Whalley Range.

Jimmy helped me move in,
And paid for some apartment essentials and hung up a lot of Christmas lights up.
I get mad at him over dumb, relationship-like stuff.
I genuinely get mad.
I yell, then cry because I realize I have no right to get upset-
He's paying me for fuck's sake.

For instance, he chews with his mouth open;
Which is a huge pet peeve of mine.
When he does it, I freak out and correct him.
But- he can do whatever the fuck he wants.
I just feel like he's falling for me,
And I KNOW I will break his heart.
I feel better having warned him and telling him in certifiably crazy.
That way when he inevitably calls me freaking out about what a cunt I am-
I can say, "I told you so!"

In any event;
Life is good at the moment.
I'm having a nice boy making love to me,
And taking me out to nice dinners.
I'm finally in my own place, right down the street from my best friend.
I'm webcamming again, and trying my best to only surround myself with positive people.