the gruesome truth of it all May 13, 2015

After a long combination of being sick, unmotivated and plain old fashioned writers block; I decided to surrender.

The majority of things I want to write about are too inappropriate. I feared if I wrote it on here, no one would see me the same way.

However, the truth is part of my life and what has shaped me into the strong independent woman I am now.





I'm now in a place in my life where I am 100% independent.

I don't need any ones help, and my escort reputation is solely based on my own efforts and actions.

But, it didn't start that way...




After a few months of escorting in motels off the Interstate in America, the F.B.I. were aware of me and my illegal actions; and had me blacklisted from all hotels.

Paranoia began to fully run my life.

After doing some research at home, I discovered the U.K. had way more lenient laws.

I begged my 'sugar Daddy' at the time for a plane ticket.

I knew he wouldn't be able to say 'No' to my puppy dog eyes; and I was right.


I had lived in Manchester a few years before, and had friends with whom I remained in contact with.

Once I arrived, I applied online to multiple escort agencies.

A day later, they were all calling me and asking to be part of their agency.

I officially signed on with what I thought looked the most professional, 'Manchester's Angels'. (I've changed the name by the way).

That same night, I had my first out call with them to a fancy hotel.

A driver came and picked me up.

I felt so fancy.

I envisioned myself eventually on Yachts with billionaires.

The driver waited the entire time, for my safety.

Once I had made my client Cum I returned to the car, gave the driver the agency fee cut and the driver fee.

The rest was mine.


It became apparent quite quickly, that my American accent was a huge novelty.

The agency immediately had me on the phones.

I was now in charge of 3 different phones, calling all the working girls every morning to see who was on, as well as the drivers.


The phones NEVER stopped ringing, even in the middle of the night.

One unbearably redundant day, I got a call from Danielle, one of the agency owners.

She had a new girl applying, but had no experience.

She asked me to go into Deans Gate, Manchester and meet her and explain things to her.

(Now, even though I can take some sexy photos; I actually dress very casually.)

I wore gray sweatpants and a leopard print coat.

Hoping the coat would signal, 'I'm a Hooker'.


I sat outside the restaurant we were meant to meet, when a very nice Mercedes convertible pulls up and parks in front.

Out walks this busty and beautiful brunette.

She began looking around and when we made eye contact, you could see us both thinking, 'her?' to ourselves.

She clicked her way over in her stiletto heels and skin tight dress.

As she got closer I noticed her boob job, bot-ox and plump lips.

She was a Barbie Doll.


Being a girl myself, I half expected her to be a bitch; but she greeted me with a hug then by telling me she was super nervous.She introduced herself as Adriana.

She came off so confident and a definite sex symbol. I couldn't believe she had no experience.

We continued chatting, even past my lecture of 'Escorting 101'.

She seemed so sweet... I decided to let her in on something I myself had been contemplating and noticing.


"You can make a lot more money if you don't go through the Agencies you know?" I began telling her.


"What do you mean?" She asked intrigued.


"There are other sites where you can advertise yourself as independent. The agency sets everything up and gets you a driver, sure, but they take a huge chunk of the money. They 'say' they are offering you protection and someone who is keeping an eye on you... but they just want money. Please don't tell them I said any of this... but I've been running the phones long enough to know the Agency is going downhill. I'm personally going to sign up to Adultwork and work independent."


"I don't know...." she replied. "The only reason I was willing to escort was the fact that these agencies have a driver and protection."


"I totally get that." I assured her. "Definitely start slow and start making some money. But if after your first job you realize it's not for you, DON'T do it anymore."


I gave her my personal cell number and told her to call me if she ever needed help or advice. And we parted ways.


Just like I had predicted the agency eventually fell apart. 

Danielle and Dean, the two who ran the Agency ended up getting into an argument about money.

I was at Danielle's working the phones when Dean showed up, raising his voice.

I always knew Danielle was feisty and aggressive- but not like what I was about to see.

She punched him square in the face before even saying anything.

Dean was in shock, he just stood there, holding his face where he had been punched.

Danielle began screaming and continued to punch and kick him until he was backing up and headed for the door. He was screaming, 'DANIELLE, STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PLEASE STOP-- LET'S JUST TALK!'

He wasn't fighting back at all, and she was just going to town on him!


Once he had been run out of her place, she continued pacing and shouting.

Turning to me every few minutes shouting, 'I WAS RIGHT! WASN'T I CASSIDY!?!'

'You definitely were!' I replied in fear.


I knew then, this whole Agency trial was done.

Fuck working for someone else.

Fuck psycho women.



I began working independently, making more money than ever before.

I had pretty much forgot about Adriana, until she called me out of the blue.

She wanted to go independent, but had no idea how.

I knew if I paired up with this girl; we'd have transportation for out calls, a friend looking out for one another and she seemed to know a lot of people.

Besides venturing into the escorting world, Adriana also dealt weed, coke, whiz and occasionally ecstasy or MDMA.


What started out as a mutual agreement to look out for one another turned into a friendship.

Her being 10 years older than myself, wanted to invest in a business; our own Agency or Brothel.

We knew that being women we would have an advantage. 

Girls' would be more likely to trust us over some man; especially since we had done the dirty work ourselves.

One of her drug connections took a liking to me and the knowledge I came with. 

He set up a meeting between his Boss and us.

We got Adriana all dolled up for this Business Boss. 

We knew he would have the money to get a property and front everything the brothel would need.

I spent so much time on Adriana's outfit and hair, that by the time the Boss arrived; I was still in sweats with no make-up!


He came in, looking everything up and down.

I became extremely nervous.

I didn't like this situation anymore.


If this guy wants to invest in us, we would be in debt to him- for who knows how long!

Never slipping from his grip.

All this runs through my head as I fix this man a Vodka and Lemonade.

Adriana has planted herself next to him, putting a hand seductively on his thigh.

I walk over and hand him his drink, then sit down to talk 'business'.


"So... you want to start a brothel?" He asks Adriana.


"Yes..." Adriana begins. I zone out while she tells her repetitive story about how she was successful in working for the government for 13 years, how she worked her way all the way up.


"And what would your role be?" The business man asks me sharply.


Lux, the guy who had set up this meeting began talking for me.


"This chick is from America. Shes done it over there and over here; she knows the in's and out's of it all. She can work the phones and deal with the clients." I just nod in agreement at what Lux is saying. 


I want both this men out of the apartment. 


"Cassidy also said we would have a better chance at success being women. It would turn into a sister hood. The new working girls wouldn't be able to point fingers at the people in charge and say 'you try sucking a dick.' because the people in charge did for so long. Right Cassidy?" Adriana looked to me.


"Yup." I agreed. PLEASE LEAVE,  was all I could think.


Some more business talk went around before the 2 men stood up to leave, thank God.

We walked them to the door and just as we let them into the hall and closed the door, a knock returns.


I open it and it's Lux saying the business guy wants to book me right now.


I didn't know what to say. 

All i knew was I didn't want to do it.

I made some excuse up and was relieved when he didn't push.

Once they were actually gone, I could see the disappointment in Adriana's face.

Here she had spent all this time getting dolled up and he wanted the casual girl.


It took a while to convince her this business proposition was not what it appeared.

I had to keep breaking it down until she agreed.


I started to really dislike the people she began hanging out with.

There was always so many drugs around, which is something i struggled with.

I'd get offered a line of coke, do it, hate it- yet want more.


Eventually it had been 3 months of living at her house.

Time was flying by, and it became apparent she was living her youth out now.

She'd let drug dealers move in. Bad people with stabbing records, attempted murder.


A part of me liked this crazy lifestyle;

drug runs in the middle of the night,

learning to wash coke into crack,

always finding new hiding spots for money.



Throughout the year we lived together I saw...

-Her get her ribs broke by a psycho dealer.

-her get into multiple bad situations through escorting.

-we got robbed 5 times, the last 3 were just break-ins, nothing stolen. (we had learned by then)

-her gamble all the money away

- her becoming an alcoholic to get through the day.

-her dealer 'boyfriend' beating the shit out her

- her 'boyfriend' putting cigarettes out on her face

-she began to owe other dealers money behind his back- causing a war between the other dealers and her boyfriend


It ended pretty bad.


After her boyfriend called me a Yankee Cunt who deserved to get raped, I decided enough was enough.

Even though he scared the shit out of me with his knives, baseball bats and tear gas, I acted like he was no one to fear.

Forcing Adriana to leave him on the side of the motorway one rainy night.


I gave her an ultimatum and unfortunately she chose the psycho, Michael.


Mind you, Adriana was still escorting and acting very promiscuous.

As I was packing my stuff up to move out.

One of our neighbors comes over drunk and in lust over Adriana. 

He gets naked and lays in bed next to her, while she plays Bingo online.

Excessively drunk, he passes out.


A little while later, Michael, uses his key and walks upstairs to what looks like cheating.

I hear screaming from my almost packed up room.

I run to the hallway and follow the screams of Adriana and our neighbor. 

I almost throw up when I see what has happened.

Blood is everywhere.

Michael has stabbed our neighbor in his face and through his hand. 

He must have put his hand up in defense and Michael stabbed right on through to the eye.


I stood there for what seemed like minutes, but were really seconds.

Stunned with no idea what to do.

Michael steps backwards before turning around and seeing me.

This is it I thought, as I look at the knife in his hand.




His stare lingers on mine before he runs past me and down the stairs.

I run back to my room and find the phone. 

Shaking, I dial and lock my bedroom door.

Once I confirm help is on the way, I open the door a crack and scream to her someones coming.

All I can hear is the neighbor moaning in pain and Adriana crying.


I continue packing.

All the while wondering how the fuck I managed to get myself here.............









Time has passed since then. 


Michael has gone to jail.

The neighbor is OK, but can't see out of left eye.

Adriana..... well, she still try's to call and apologize and start over.


But, I can't go through that again.


And me..... well, I'm surrounded by positive people and am content with not getting what I want but getting what I need.