STREETWALKER February 20, 2015

Please Note:: The following short story is FICTION. I only point this out because the rest of my posts have all been based on my life experiences. While I'm still using myself as inspiration for the character, I have not had the following events happen to me. I have always enjoyed movies and books about this sort of lifestyle and decided I want to try it out....

It's cold.
It's cold.
It's cold.
It's cold, that was all she able to think.

Her teeth were uncontrollably chattering. 
She had tried clenching her jaw shut, tried visualizing somewhere warm and even tried moving around in a small circle to get blood flowing; 
but nothing worked.

"That's the second time that red 'Pontiac Sun fire' has cruised by slowly! If he comes back around I'm going to signal him over." Sabrina exclaimed.

Cassidy found herself completely annoyed with Sabrina. 
Sabrina and Cassidy had known each other since they were 6 and 7; Cassidy being the oldest.
They had never been close though, not until now.
Lately, spending all their time together was causing tension in their friendship.
They stood in the cold;
Sabrina wearing your typical hooker outfit; short skirt, heels, little jacket and tons of makeup. 
All this skin showing in the middle of January and she wasn't even chattering like Cassidy!

Cassidy, on the other hand, had bundled up with a pair of leggings, sweatpants, 3 shirts, a sweatshirt and a winter jacket. 
She never wore makeup and always wore sneakers. 
She knew she didn't look like your typical girl on the corner, 
but, she also knew if she was this cold in all those clothes, there's no way she would be able to show some skin.

"Whatever, you take him. I'm so cold, I'm gonna go sit in the SUV if you go." Cassidy responded between chatters. She glanced across the street at the McDonalds parking lot, to make sure her dark blue SUV was still waiting there- the little bit of heat still trapped inside.

They always did this.
They were so desperate.
Drugs ruled their lives.
They would drive into the city, to their little corner, every afternoon for 4 PM.
Always parking in the McDonalds parking lot, on the far end, which lined the neighboring KFC.
If they had managed to save any drugs from the night before, which was usually a rare treat, they would do them now. 

Sabrina would touch up her make-up, covering up the scars that would form from picking blackheads while high on cocaine. 
Cassidy bundling up, adding layer over layer.

Finally they would brace the cold, stroll across the street to the corner and stand.

And that's where the stood now.

Sure enough, the red 'Pontiac Sunfire' pulled back around.

"Fuck yeah..." Sabrina winks. 

The pontiac slowly pulls up in front of us and stops. 
Sabrina walks over to the passenger window, which he then rolls down. 
Cassidy, no longer able to hear Sabrina anymore, begins looking up and down the street; making sure no cops are coming. 

'Two more minutes until I can get back in my warm car...' Cassidy thought to herself.

"CASSIDY!" Sabrina shouts. "He wants you."
Sabrina has a smile over her face. 
She knows she doesn't have to fuck and Cassidy will split her drugs with her anyway. 

"YAY!" Cassidy forces her enthusiasm through a fake smile. 

All she wanted was to go to her warm car and let Sabrina do the work for once. 

It made no sense!! 

Sabrina was showing all sorts of skin and Cassidy was showing none. This was becoming a pattern, and Cassidy was getting aggravated. 
Cassidy discreetly hands Sabrina her car keys before slipping into the passenger seat of the red Pontiac. 

Like everything they did,
They had a routine. 

Whenever either of them got in a car to do a 'booking' or 'date', the other one would wait in the SUV for their return. 
This way someone could keep track of the time they were gone for, and answer the phone if they called. 
For instance, if the other girl just got in another car straight after the first, no one would be looking out for anyone. 
However, lately Cassidy was the one getting in the car to fuck and Sabrina in the SUV to wait.

With the door of the Pontiac shut, 
Cassidy came face to face with her client.

He was surprisingly young, had ginger hair and was a bit of a nerd. 
Exactly Cassidys' type.
He pulled away from the corner and Cassidy began directing to a deserted graveyard, her deserted place of choice. 
He handed her the money, which she then tucked into her sock.
Cassidy attempted to make small talk, but he was a timid and a nervous guy.
Once parked, she began taking the many layers of clothing off, until she was left in her bra and underwear. 
Thankfully he had let her blast the heat, and she was warming up.

His eyes darted all over her body, not knowing where to look.
Cassidy was so glad that he wasn't a dickhead, she had so many of those it seemed lately.
She loved these nervous boys, they made her feel like a beautiful model.
The way he blushed, and shook when she kissed him just right.
She knew he had been thinking of a moment just like this.
And, she wanted to give it to him.

When the deed was done, Cassidy began re-dressing in all her layers.
The nervous ginger guy buckling his pants, no longer able to look at her anymore.
Most likely disgusted in himself.
Probably asking himself, 'How the fuck did I just pick a hooker up in my car?'
Cassidy secures the money back in her sock and ties her sneakers.
Her palms begin to sweat as she knows drugs are soon to be rewarded to her.
As the Pontiac pulls out of the graveyard and back to the Avenue, Cassidy finds her polite conversation is not being acknowledged and doesn't even say goodbye when he pulls up to the KFC.

She hops out of the car, speed walking her way across the parking lot towards the McDonald's next door where her SUV sat.
Cassidy jumps into the drivers seat.

"How much did we get girl?!" Sabrina squeals in delight.
Cassidy wants to just snap and shout, 'WE!?! YOU MEAN ME?!'
But knows it's not worth the headache.
All she wants now is drugs.

"100 DOLLARS SHAWTI!" Cassidy smiles back.

They blast the radio with the most recent Rick Ross song, light a cigarette and cruise up the avenue towards one of the many blocks to buy drugs.

As the streets get rougher and rougher, they get more excited.
The thrill adding to the rush.
Once the SUV drove over the train tracks, the radio is turned off and both girls sit in silence as they each lookout for cops while pulling up to the block.

Each street is one way, so they have one chance to pull down the street, roll down the window, do the deal and drive away.
BUT- if cops decide to barricade the end of the street and raid the block... well, you're shit out of luck.
Sometimes, they preferred parking a few streets away and having Sabrina walk, since Cassidy drove. 
But, it took more time.

They first drive by the street, looking down it to make sure people are definitely out selling, when they see they are, they come back around and pull down.

It all happens so fast, and BOOM!
They've done it!
Got the drugs and got off the block!
Both girls are back to laughing and smiling and the radio comes back on.
The 100 dollars just earned, spent on drugs that will last them 1 hour.

As soon as the drugs are gone, it's back to standing in the cold... again.

With the yearning for drugs out of the way, Cassidy found herself angry and annoyed with Sabrina again.
She had done the last several jobs, so it seemed only fair for Sabrina to do the next one.

While driving back to the McDonald's parking lot, high and confident, Cassidy worded in her head the best way to tell Sabrina she wasn't going to get out of the car this time, without starting an argument.
She glanced over at Sabrina, who was using the passenger mirror to pick at blackheads, that once again, didn't exist.

Both Cassidy and Sabrina always acted confused and dumbfounded towards the reasoning on why Cassidy was always chosen.
But- they both knew what it was.
No make-up in the world could hide all the freshly picked red marks and sometimes blood on Sabrina's face.
However, Sabrina would cake it on anyway, adding years onto her appearance.
How could Cassidy ever admit the truth to her, even if Sabrina already knew it.

'Fuck it..' Cassidy thought.
"I feel like I've done the past 3 or 4 dates..." began Cassidy.
"Well, It's not like I'm not trying!" shot back Sabrina, high and irritable.
"NO!- I'm not saying... It's just so cold out there and I feel like every time we're out there, given the chance, they always choose me. I'm just saying, if I sat in the SUV and watched you, I would still be looking out. I just really don't want to do another date tonight."
"It's fine. I understand, whatever." Sabrina complied.

As the SUV pulled back into the McDonald's parking lot, both girls remained silent.
Even after the SUV was parked up, both girls did their own drugs in silence and then Sabrina re-applied her make-up and got out, alone.

Cassidy felt like she could finally breathe and roll her eyes.
She started arguing with herself, as if she had now come up with all the best, most hurtful things to say to Sabrina.
Arguing with herself and slamming the steering wheel in frustration; she was stunned when she looked up and Sabrina was no where to be seen.
'Where could she have gone?'
'She got out only 2 minutes ago!'
'Did she get mad and leave me?!'
All these questions ran through Cassidy's mind.

She leaned over into the passenger seat and confirmed all of Sabrina's belongings were still there, and she would never abandon these things.
Cassidy picked up her cell phone and dialed Sabrina.
She jumped in her seat as Sabrina's ringtone shrieked in the glove box.
She had left her phone.
Cassidy immediately regretted not getting out of the SUV.
How could she have been so selfish?
She got out of the SUV, ran across the street to the corner.
She stood there, her heart beating out of her chest, looking down both ends of the street for some sign of Sabrina.
The cold January wind hitting her face, and for once her teeth didn't chatter.