Re-settled November 17, 2014

After all the stress of trying to find somewhere to live in Manchester; Summer-Tyme and I decided to stay in Preston.
Realistically, we have a big house, that gets nice and warm, cheap rent and it's already decorated.
I was really looking forward to moving to Manchester; I even had a deposit down on a house.
But, with no proof of a job, income or credit (good or bad)- they decided to refund me.
I was getting anxiety at night, the reality of one week until we had to be out kept me awake at night.
So even though I really wanted to be in Manchester; closer to Chloe LaRayne, closer to the city etc- I'm relieved it's over.
Since we now don't have to put all this energy into packing & unpacking; we decided to re-arrange the house, giving it a new and fresh feel.
I started with my room. I tried to bear in mind web-camming.
Keeping spaces clear to dance etc.

Web-camming has turned into a blessing.
I still only ever go on when I'm horny; which is quite often.
My number of 'in person meets' has dropped though, which is good I guess.
I'm a lot more picky now.
For instance; if someone texts me, I immediately write them off since my profile specifically states CALL - don't text.
Up until recently I met anyone, within reason.
Now, I don't even give out my postcode until I've spoke to the person, they have made a booking and then called back to confirm.
Which, I think, is actually an extremely understandable request.
So many people text, "Hey Cass, can you please give me your postcode so I can see where you're located before I call, thanks."
I don't respond because... I DON'T LIKE TEXTING.
Sure, they are saying 'please' and 'thank you' but I feel they didn't take the time to read my profile, which is a slap in my face.
I no longer fuck just anybody; only people who take an interest in me and treat me nicely.
Which I think is only fair.

I'm planning on going to London a lot more often now.
Summer and I want to get a 1 bedroom and switch off our days there eventually.
The only thing is......... It's fucking winter already.
It's pitch black at 5pm pretty much and cold as fuck.
I definitely get seasonal depression.
But I want to change all that; and I believe your perspective can alter your mindset.
I want to make myself get up and get out.
Even this past week my sleeping schedule is all fucked again.
Now I fall asleep at 4am or 5am and sleep until 4pm or 5pm.
There's not much money to be made in the hours I'm awake.
I feel like I'm mindlessly rambling now.
Here's a little something I did for Chloe:



I've been trading sex for money for so long now that some men disgust me.
It's funny to think back when I first started.
I'd get naked and feel so vulnerable in front of them.
Oblivious to the fact that I had all the power. 
Whereas now the tables have turned and each man stands before me shaking; usually naked and unsure of the size of their dick. 
It's pathetic really.
By the time my lips touch their dick, it's hard, and I stare up into his eyes at the same time. 
They always cum right away.
Quivering and spaziming when our eyes lock. 
They've just let me, a stranger, see them at their most aroused and vulnerable point.
All of a sudden they can't get their pants on quick enough.
The ones who show up all cocky are the best at this point.
Before their dicks exploded they talked with all this game.
But now that they've whimpered and moaned in my arms their like a stuttering school girl.
Pathetic, you men sometimes.
you are all so weak.