Newcastle..... You kinda sucked. November 12, 2014

Summer-tyme and I went to Newcastle on a last minute decision.
My basic Yankee knowledge left me with not much information on Newcastle.
I had seen the MTV series 'The Geordie Shore' the U.K. version of 'The Jersey Shore'.
Now... I grew up going to the Jersey Shore every summer; and that show did horrible at portraying it.
So, I know the Geordie Shore must be the same for Newcastle.
I did some basic research, mainly photos, the map and other local AW escorts in the area.
I've only had a few people from Newcastle ever call me, so I wasn't sure how busy I would get.

Anytime you go to a new place, there is a risk you might not get any work.
This is why we usually always go to London or a place we know we can make money.
Summer-tyme, her boy-toy and I set off at 10 AM from Preston to Newcastle.
Halfway there we saw a young female hitchhiker with a sign saying 'Newcastle or Edinburgh'.
We decided to stop, well actually- I shouted STOP!
I have hitchhiked before but never all alone.
She climbed in back with the dog and I.
She turned out to be a Swiss student who was hitchhiking and seeing England on her weekends off from studying in Edinburgh.
I noticed her tongue piercing, among her striking strawberry blonde hair & beautiful green and yellowish eyes.

I was curious if she had ever found herself in an uncomfortable situation.
When I hitchhiked Mexico and Portugal but I was always with a guy.
Doing it alone would be scary, even though I traveled alone- getting in someone's car can put you in an unknown and uncomfortable environment.
That's why I don't like to do car meets unless we've met multiple times.
She explained in most cases the hitchhiker is more dangerous and people are scared they will do something, which is true.
She opened up and began telling me when a guy kept touching her thigh a lot, so when he stopped to 'pick up his friend' she legged it, thank fucking God.
Her name is Claire and we brought her all the way to the apartment we rented in Newcastle; this way she could look up a bus to Edinburgh.

When we arrived at the apartment in Newcastle, it was this massive, high ceiling mansion of an apartment.
We were all running around in awe.
I got the wifi code and looked up the tickets for Claire.
But, the last bus to Edinburgh was soon, so she had to leave almost imimmediately
Once she left, Summer-tyme began teasing me that I was flirting with her, which I thought I was being friendly.
I did tell her she was gorgeous and her hair and eyes were a stunning combination, all true.
I began to unpack and even play the piano in the massive living room.
Summers boy toy is usually always around in case someone or something crazy happens, which thankfully has never happened.
So, he claimed the massive front room, Summer the 'date' bedroom and I the upstairs loft bedroom.
The dog wandered and ran through them all.
We had to call each others phones because even if you shouted, you couldn't hear each other.

Calls began flooding in.
Accents, I found hard to understand but sexy.
Even though I was getting tons of calls, I only saw 2 people.
And by the 2nd day had been threatened for canceling on a client an hour before hand.
I cancelled because he gave me a weird vibe; and thank the Lord I canceled.So when you wonder why I act up tight sometimes; that's why. ^^^
It's scary when someone acts that way.
In any event, Newcastle was quite disappointing and if and when I return I hope it redeems itself.
It even inspired me to vent on Adultwork:

***This post is for venting purposes.
So, if you're just simply looking for a hole to fuck or some dirty words to grip your dick to- you won't find it here.
However, if you're someone who likes to gain insight on the hole they want to fuck or even like to see inside my head; by all means keep reading.

I feel bad for you men.
I really, really do.
You see my photo and the word 'AMERiCAN' and without even reading my profile you scroll down past my 'enjoy list', past my prices and down to my phone number.
You dial, call and everything you ask me can be answered by reading my profile.
I feel bad you're not strong enough to fight off your dicks' urges.
I'm even flattered that my picture makes your eyes go blurry where you can't read my profile, but managed to get the number.

The point of this vent is-- 

And if you decide to text me; when it says ALL OVER my profile that I DO NOT text.... Well, then, you might as well delete my profile.
That shows me you either have no common sense and don't read or WORSE you saw; didn't care and texted,
"Hey cassidy, I know your profile says don't text but... (Enter excuse here)"
In which case, I save your number as asshole :)

I know I sound like a total bitch right now; and I'm actually a sweet heart.
I'm just SO OVER all the repetitive questions and texts.
I only ever do 1 or 2 dates a day, and am very choosy.
Texting and asking 'how much I charge and what I enjoy?' Are not ways to get chosen.

Newcastle, step your game up and come fuck me already!!!


Summer-tyme and I are planning a trip to London, dates coming soon!