MANCHESTER October 13, 2014

So.... Summer-tyme and I were hoping and planning to move to London. 

It's still in the plans but were moving to Manchester on our way down to London. Then move to London in 6 months. 

At the moment I live about an hour North West of Manchester. 

I haven't lived there since December 2013 and am so excited to get back. 

Many things factored into this decision, but mainly London is expensive, yo! 

Also I have no credit - good or bad which means I have to deal with private landlords. 

Blah, blah, blah.


I've been visiting Chloe and friends in Manchester lately which is making me more excited to move back! 

Summer went to London last week and Chloe came up then I went and visited her for her roommates birthday; and got drunk for the first time in months. 

I ended up involving myself in 2 physical altercations and woke up vomiting the next day. 

That hangover reminded me exactly why I don't drink. 

To me, the hangover isn't worth a night of being stupid. 

You feel so dehydrated; yet no amount of water can quench your thirst. 

You can't fathom eating but know you will feel better once you do. 

Ugh- So I'm not drinking for another 6 months again. 

It was a pretty epic night though, haha.


Speaking of moving back to Manchester; I found some writing from March 12, 2013 when I moved from Pennsylvania to Manchester, 18 months ago.




March 12, 2013


it's official bitches!

i'm moving back to Manchester, England!

This Thursday, two days from now, at 3:30 PM i start my travels.


shit's about to get a lot different.


i admit, this is another attempt to run away, start over again.

being home sucks because it's as if i'm trapped in my old identity. everything around me screams to be the old cassidy, to stay in that old mindset.


going somewhere, not necessarily new; yet not old, just different. is an amazing opportunity for me to create a new chapter, not the old cassidy that moved to England in 2009; a new cassidy moving to England in 2013.


When i step off that plane Friday morning at 7:30 AM British time- i get to become whoever i want, whatever i desire to be. All i have to do is choose to let that change happen, to choose life. 


the most important thing about arriving back in Manchester, is Chloe.


I love that girl, more than anyone i've really loved in my life.

she is probably the only person near my age who i actually admire and want to be more like.

her social grace and loud, don't give a fuck, mouth- rubs off onto me and makes me a better person.

and i'm different than who i was when we last lived together, when we last saw each other.

i now have been able to reflect on that time in my life, who i was and what she meant to me.


bottom line is... i fucking love that girl.

and that was the best time of my life.

i wish i could go back and really take in some of those moments.

rolling on ecstasy, drawing all over each other, and staying up all night- watching her go to her first day of work early in the morning still geeked out of her mind.

laughing, laughing so much.


that experience was incredible.

neither of us had ever been on our own, let alone in a whole other country- in a whole other continent.


and since then our independence has only gotten stronger, more desirable to have. we've rarely run back to our parents house, to our old towns which we know so well, to our old friends who are still doing the same fucking thing with the same fucking people.

we want more of our lives. 

and we've gotten it.


first thing i'm doing, after getting an apartment, and hopefully a job- getting a fucking kitten.



Manchester 2014, innit