LET ME DRAIN YOU... FINANCIALLY. September 9, 2015

The lack of blog entries has to do with a few things.


1.) I do have a personal life, which likes to torture me.

2.) Lately, I haven't been doing many dates, this is due to number one.

3.) When I do get a date and decide to see it through; I'm never left feeling quite satisfied for it to be written about.


So here I've been, patiently waiting for the perfect date to write about.

Of course, all my dates are perfect when they end in money and an orgasm; however, I mean so perfect the memory sticks in my head for months. 

The smells, sounds and words all burned into my memory- making it totally worth writing about.


Well, patience finally paid off.

After a month of being lazy, I started to hustle again.

Whether the session is purely sex or if they want some type of domination; I'm happy either way.

I leave both sessions feeling up-lifted, in control and if I'm good at telling them what to do- an orgasm for myself.

If all else fails I'll just ride their face or body for my own pleasure.


Even though I was in hustle mode, it's hard for me to do more than one sexual job a day.

I get sore, irritable and then cannot work the next day.

Even if I could do it more than once a day, I wouldn't.

BUT-  I can do a sexual job and a domination session in the same day.

This is because my submissive ("subs") are not allowed sex.

We do other things.

This is mostly because sex is not what turns them on or what gets them off.

Being degraded, used or even physically hurt is what makes their dick twitch and eventually cum fly out of the tip and all over their chest.

If I'm lucky, I get to do both.

Which means an orgasm for me and getting out a lot of pent up anger and frustration.

A win - win situation.


Even still, I'm a big worrier.

So when I hadn't done a date in so long, my financial situation fizzled out- which made me begin to panic.

I added some new photos of myself to my 'Adultwork' profile, as well as change some of the wording around.

I've learned these little tricks that help my profile to go up higher in the search feed, once it's been updated.

It took all of 10 minutes for the calls to start coming in.


My first booking to show up was a young, dirty and grungy kid.

Ironically, in real life, he'd be the type of guy I'd go for....

I've always had a weakness for smelly, dirty boys.

It must be the natural pheromones, because one whiff and I start to unbuckle their pants so fast.

He said he had seen me before, and when he revealed his cock- I remembered exactly who he was.

He had such a thick dick, which last time I had even taken a photo of it next to my finger, shocked at the size.

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, but the combination of nerves and being stoned made my mouth incredibly dry- like sandpaper.

I knew his dick would put me out of co mission for a day or two.

I mean... I hadn't had sex in a while, so I was all tight and tense.

A part of me was scared, but a bigger part knew once his dick was inside my wet pussy I would melt with pleasure.


We hadn't even kissed yet and he was already throbbing in his own hands.

His eyes darted all over my skin and body as I slowly undressed myself, only a few feet away from him.

He began to rub at his dick, up and down, getting more and more excited.

I could tell he couldn't take it anymore.


So, I slowly walked the few feet over to him, looked him in the eyes before getting my face so close to his, that my lips barely touched his lips.

I could tell he was expecting me to kiss him hard and deep, so I did something else.

Just as his eyes closed to get ready for our lips to embrace, I grabbed his dick with my own hand and took over pumping away.

His eyes now opened wide with pleasure.

As the waves of ecstasy began pulsing through his body, I could feel every twitch and spasm.

Since he was standing, he began swaying with each pulse, squirming with delight.

The outer corner of my lip began to rise; as a smirk came across my face.

'Here we go...' I smiled to myself.


I pushed his chest hard, so that he fell back onto the bed.

His black skinny jeans were now around his ankles, his briefs just above the knee.

Slowly undressing him, I got down on my knees and stripped away his clothing- awkwardly getting stuck on a limb or two.

I realized I didn't know or remember his name.

I hadn't even kissed him yet.

So, when the clothes were off both of us, I began to crawl up onto the bed.

Placing each of my knees of either side of his hips, I leaned forward over him and let my blue hair cascade over his face.

This dirty and smelly boy had me captivated.

As his bright blue eyes disappeared behind his eyelids in a moment of sexual joy, I let me lips meet his.

At first I used no tongue.

Instead, I kissed him soft and gently.

He tries to rise up and kiss me back hard, trying to part my lips with his tongue- but I don't let him.

I push his chest back down onto the bed and pull my lips away.

"Slow" I say.

It's been too long for me to have it any other way.


I begin to suck and nibble on his lower lip while my right hand is gripping his cock.

I feel it getting more twitchy and more and more excited.

I slowly move away from his lips and move down his body; letting my hair tickles his chest, stomach and thighs as I move lower and lower.

I grab the shaft of his cock and look up at his face, which is now pulled up off the bed to stare down and watch what I would do.

I look him straight in the eyes as I let the tip of his thick dick into my warm and wet mouth.

It's taken me a while to be able to look someone I just met into the eyes as I please them- I used to feel awkward.

But, now- I know they are the ones who are melting and feel awkward.

I find when I stare up at him, and he looks away first- I have all this power.


I have him melting like putty in my hands and mouth- literally.


Unlike most girls, I love giving blow-jobs- and always have.

I find there is an art to it... a flow.

Something about putting a flaccid dick in my mouth and then watching it leave my mouth fully hard, erect and the veins bulging with eagerness; is super sexy.


His legs began to spasm more and more, especially when I used hand relief with all my spit; rubbing the very tip with my fingers while swirling my tongue all around the tip in circle motions.

All of a sudden I feel hands on my face.

His hands are pulling my face, gently but with force, up to meet his face.

He's now sitting up and begins kissing me deep and hard.

This time I let the tongue part my lips, and I kiss him back deep and hard.

"It feels too good!" He whispers in between kisses. "You're going to make me cum..."


The sex was great!

Probably because I hadn't indulged in so long also.

The foreplay had gotten us both so worked up; that we both orgasm-ed pretty fast.

The second his dick entered me, the air in my lungs felt like it had been stolen from me.

My vision went blurry, and waves of pleasure pulsed through my body.

Since he was so thick and big he had to slowly ease himself in, gently- which I loved even more.

However, once he was in he began to get aggressive and started to fuck me hard and fast.

I re-assured him that slow felt much better.

For some reason, every guy thinks that must feel really good for the girl.

Let me just say this to any guy reading right now,

"Unless we ask to be fucked hard and fast.... don't fuck us girls hard and fast!"


As we both laid there, catching our breath and laughing, I felt silly for waiting for so long.

It felt like all my problems were melting away in that moment.


"I'm never going that long again without sex!" I meant to say it in my head but ended up saying it out loud.


"You and me both!" He breathlessly replied.


I kindly pulled the condom off his deflating dick, and cleaned him off with baby wipes.

As I cleaned up the mess I had made, I continued to kiss him.

He was a great kisser, and so cute- I couldn't help myself.



Once he was dressed, we said our goodbyes and I hid my naked body behind the door as I opened it to let him out.

As soon as the door shut, I let out a huge sigh and smiled.

Life was good.


I returned to my phone to take it off silent and found I had 10 missed calls from various numbers as well as some texts.

I knew that there was NO way I could have sex again today.

I have always done only one sex booking a day.

I find it better for me and my clients; not only physically but mentally.

I like to put my energy into only 1 person a day.

That way I'm not watching the clock or rushing.

Instead I'm in the moment.

It's not only their time to cum, but mine too, which makes the session that much more amazing!


I skimmed the messages and read one that stood out,

"Hello Cassidy! I am interested in being your slave. I tried to call you but did not get an answer, so I'm not sure if you are available. Please let me know if you are working as I have the tribute you require, and would love to serve you as soon as possible. Please let me please you Mistress! Your (hopeful) willing slave, George"


With everything that had been going on lately, I was keeping only to my trained slaves, instead of going through trials and 'slut training' again.

But- hustle time was back.


I called George back rather than starting a text conversation.

As it states all over my profile- I prefer talking on the phone to texting. 

What takes 20 minutes to cover over text messages, takes less than 5 minutes talking on the phone.


I demanded that he show up in exactly an hour from now and hung up.

I texted him the details and began to make myself some food.

The combination of weed and just having an intense orgasm left me famished.


George arrived exactly on time, which was to be expected.

I assumed he had been waiting outside, looking at his watch, waiting until the exact time to buzz up to my flat.

All my slaves showed up on time, I would always threaten that if they were late- they would never be allowed to contact me again.

As the apartment filled with a buzzing sound, letting me know he was here, I couldn't help but smirk an evil smile.

I flipped the ham and Swiss cheese crepe I was making, before buzzing him up.

I stood behind the front door, listening to him slowly make his way up the stairs, searching for flat number 5.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in; and slowly exhaled, preparing myself.

I always do this.

The mix of nerves, adrenaline and excitement always has me shaking, or at the very least butterflies in my stomach.

It's taken me a while to be able to tell the difference between butterflies and a bad gut feeling.

I always follow my intuition, so if I do get a weird or bad vibe, I would never see the person- no matter how much they offered... it's not worth it.


I peered through the peep hole in the door and saw George standing there.

He hadn't knocked yet.

Instead he was taking a deep breath in and exhaling slowly; just like I was doing.

Just like we all do.

He lightly knocked on the door, and I took another deep breath before unlocking the multiple locks and opening the door to reveal me in booty shorts and a bra.


I always open the door with a smile, even for domination and slave sessions.

It's important to make them feel comfortable and safe.

Once I opened the door, I immediately retreated back to the kitchen.


"Come in, lock the door and follow me. I'm just cooking myself dinner, I haven't had time to eat." I shouted down the hallway as I left him in the doorway- scared and confused.


I reached my crepe just in time, as it was starting to burn.


"Would you like something to eat or drink George?" I asked him while he locked the front door.


"No, cheers. I'm alright." He nervously responded while making his way to the kitchen.


When he appeared in the door, I looked right at him before saying bluntly, "Good. Because if you had said 'yes' I would have made you eat it out of the trash."


He quickly looked away, his eyes gazing at the ground.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out the tribute.

I caught him looking at my feet, then my legs and then I could feel his gaze moving upwards, as he offered me the tribute in his hand.


"Don't fucking look at me." I snapped as I snatched the money out of his hand.


"I'm sorry Mistress." He mumbled apologetically, while he shifted his feet and body weight around in nervousness.


"God damn right you're sorry!" I barked. I flipped the crepe onto my plate and turned off the stove.

"Put this pan in the sink. And, while your at it, do all these dishes while I eat."


"Of course Mistress..." George agreed submissively while beginning to take off his jacket.


"But, first, I want to dress you in something more comfortable... more revealing. So, follow me to the bedroom so we can get you in a skimpy outfit for you to do some house cleaning and chores. You can leave your clothes, shoes and belongings in the bedroom." I ordered, with a mouth full of ham and cheese. I went to my bedroom, eating while walking and having the slave crawl behind me on his hands and knees.


I dug through the bins of sex clothes I have; looking for an outfit that was not a size XS and would fit a man, in this case; George.

I decided to have him wear just a little tiny pink thong, and nothing else.

I made him strip slowly in front of me, ordering him to look at the ground the entire time.

When I saw him tucking his balls and dick into the thong, I freaked out.


"WHOA... What the fuck do you think your doing?!" I exclaimed, shouting with my mouth full of food.

He looked at me with confusion.

"Take your dick out and have it hanging out the side of the thong. But, keep your balls tucked away, no one wants to see them- they're disgusting."


George followed my instructions, pulling his semi-hard dick out the side of the pink undies.

"Like this Mistress?" He asked me with uncertainty.

I could see his cock twitching with anticipation as I took my time to answer him, studying him; looking at him up and down with judgement.


"I guess that will have to do." I reply as if it was not good enough but that I was settling with the look.

"So.... George. Before we get started, I need to know what your limits are and what it is your hoping to gain. You are only my slave and not paying for a session, so I will never let you get pleasure. That being said, there's no point in me spanking or slapping you, if you don't actually enjoy it. Would you say you're a 'humiliation slave' or a 'pain slave'?" I ask him while laying on the bed, swinging my feet back in forth, smiling in amusement of his outfit.


"I've never really done this before Mistress, so I don't know what my limits are. I don't think I would like too much pain, but I think some spanking would be o.k."


"Well, when you watch Domination porn, do you prefer when the Mistresses are being very degrading verbally while also forcing them to drink their urine and putting them through 'Slut Training'. Or, do you prefer when the Mistress ties them up and uses toys on them and just abuses them physically? I only ask; so I can incorporate things while your doing the chores I need done. I don't want to pee in a cup and force you to gulp it all down if you have no desire to do that what-so-ever."


"I would love to drink your pee Mistress!" George's eyes are now wide with excitement. "I think I prefer the verbal over physical, but we can see how it goes. I also like small cock humiliation."


"How could you not? If your stuck with a small cock like yours, you almost have to embrace it. I'm surprised you even had the guts to pull it out in front of me... I almost stared laughing when I saw how pathetic and useless your dick is." A look of complete disgust is on my face... 

and just like that, it starts.


We agreed on using the colors of traffic lights as safe words.

Green meaning keep going. Yellow; slow down and Red is obviously stop.


As George washes and dries all my dishes, pots and pans I just sit on the kitchen counter top, my hairy legs swinging back and forth, back and forth.


"I haven't done the dishes all week. I've been waiting for a little bitch like you to come and do them for me." I laugh. I can't help but laugh in these situations. Partly because I'm stoned and partly because my reality, in that moment, is hilarious. The laughing ends up working to my advantage since they think I'm laughing at them or I'm really that sick and twisted.


"It's my pleasure Mistress."


"I always want to know... what made you want to see me? Is it because I'm American, or hairy? Or, was I just the only available Dominatrix in the area?" I ask, genuinely interested. I actually ask this to every client, wanting to know what helped me to stand out among the increasingly growing competition.


"It's really all of those things..." begins George. "I actually read your blog and have been following you on Instagram for a few months. I wanted to see you but was too nervous. Then from reading your writing, I became less nervous about calling you. You're pretty relate able and share so much, it was like I kind of knew you in a way. The thought of cleaning up after you or just simply being in your presence became to intense, that I had to come and do it."


I was not expecting that answer. 

I sometimes get clients and slaves who have read my writing, but I don't get people like that often. 

For me, it makes the whole session way better. 

I become so flattered and aware of everything they know and how they still find me attractive.


We began talking more in depth while he finished up the dishes.

Next, I made him vacuum my whole place, never being allowed of his knees in the process.

I disappeared into the bathroom and captured my pee in a cup, wanting to surprise him.

When I walked back into the living room, I un-plugged the vacuum, waiting until the machine slowly winded down and was silent.


"Drink this all in one gulp." I demanded.


George did not hesitate at all.

He downed all my warm urine, even licking his lips after.

I plugged the vacuum back in and watched him continue cleaning; while I sat on the couch, smoking a spliff and ashing on the ground- making him come back and clean up the ash every time.


The first time a slave comes is usually for an hour, and our time was almost up.

Before I let him change back into his 'normal' clothes, I ordered him to clean all my sex toys.


Satisfied with the cleaning he did and the trial in general, I allowed him to get change and leave my presence.

I revealed to him that he passed his training and would be allowed to be a slave of mine.

As soon as George left, my phone began to ring.


"Hello?" I answer the call.

"Is this 'American Cassidy'?"

"Yes it is babe!" I confirmed.

"hey... I found your ad online and was hoping I could book you for an hour this evening..."


For a moment, I debated on whether I felt up for it.

I had already done a sex session today, as well as a trial and was pretty tired.


All I wanted to do was smoke weed, watch Netflix and order Chinese food...


"hmmm... I don't know hun... I only do one sex 'date' a day and already had one earlier this morning." I explained.


"Oh... I see. Well, I wasn't after sex; I was looking to be dominated... physically. But, if you can't meet now I understand."


I contemplated it for a second.


"I see! Well, I would love to do a Domme session right now!" I happily agreed. I was already dolled up and craving to inflict pain on someone... so we agreed on meeting a half hour from then. Teasing the slave had me wanting to unleash onto someone psychically now.


I rummaged through my sex clothes; which I had another slave previously organize by panties, bras, stockings & hold-ups and one piece outfits. 

Even with the different containers, I have to dump them all out to decide.

I began putting aside anything made from PVC or 'wet look' material.

For me, dressing for the date helps me get into a specific role.

Whether it's school girl, girl next door, conservative or dominatrix; dressing for the occasion ties together everything.


I decided on a lace-up, crotch-less and PVC one piece swimsuit.

I was re applying my eye liner when the buzzer shouted.

I slipped on my Y.R.U. black platform shoes, before buzzing him up and doing my breathing exercises at my door.


I opened the door to find a slim, tall and lanky young man.

Despite his awkward looks, he was actually quite confident.

He immediately went in for a hug and introduced himself as Luke.

I lead Luke into the bedroom, letting him admire my ass as he trailed behind.

Once behind closed doors, he handed me the money for an hour in an envelope.

I went and grabbed us 2 glasses of water, while he took a quick shower- having just come from work at his office.


I sat on the bed with my legs crossed, patiently waiting for Luke to towel off.

I fumbled with my iPhone, trying to decide on the right 'Spotify' playlist to have playing in the background.

My usual go to music is Hip Hop, or any Stripper related playlist. I find Hip Hop makes me feel super sexy, as well as make me in-voluntarily dance and sway my body to the beat.

However, Hip Hop does not feel right in a Domination session.

Hearing the bathroom door open, I gave up on the music all together.

Instead, I focused on Luke.


I asked him my normal questions as well as went over my rules.

Luke revealed he had seen a few Mistress's before myself, and loved being slapped, spit on, scratched and hit.

With the limits now put in place, I began by blindfolding Luke.


Once Luke was blindfolded I began to undress him until he was butt naked.

His cock was already rock hard, so I quickly slapped it down.


"PATHETIC." I stated as if I was bored already with what he had to offer,

I began slapping his dick multiple times, each time watching his body flex and constrict in pain.

When he moved his hand to block another blow, I grabbed his wrist and slapped his face.


"DON'T YOU DARE FUCKING BLOCK ME!" I shouted at him..


"Yes... sorry Misstr-..." Luke began to apologize.


"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!" I cut him off by taking off my underwear and shoving it in his mouth. He nodded as if to let me know he understood and that he was MINE.


I then tied his arms to each bed post and then his legs. I hopped off the bed to admire the star shape his body was now tied in.

Without music, he could hear every creak of the floor, any squeak on the bed. 

Making him turn his head to hear where I was and if I was near him.


I put a different pair of panties on, since mine were now his mouth.

I took out my box of Dominatrix gear and emptied it on the bed.

The strap-on's, nipple clamps and cock cages hitting each other, making a metal sound that left Luke in a state of anticipation  of what was to come next.


Mis-leading him with the sounds, I abandoned the fetish gear, and crawled up the bed, making sure not to touch him.

I put my knees under his armpits and sat down on his chest.

His breathing got heavier and quicker as I continued to just sit there, rubbing my clit through my panties, against his chest.


I ordered him to open his mouth, which he did.

Taking the now soaked panties out of his mouth, I squeezed his cheeks and lips together with my fingers; keeping it open in  the form of fish lips- and spit right into mouth.

Followed by a hard slap across his face to signal that I wanted him to close his mouth.


"I'm going to ride your face and use your mouth Luke." I lean in and whisper this in his ear. Then I sit back up and move so I'm above his mouth. I keep my panties on, since I enjoy the friction they can cause.


"I'm not just going to use your mouth... I'm going to rub my hairy pussy up and down your entire face, across your nose and jaw. I will ride it so hard, I want to break your nose with my cunt. And, you're tied up like a little bitch, so you will just have to lay here and take it."


"Yes, please, Mistress!" Luke moans out for more.


I sit down and smother him with the warmth coming from between my legs.

I order him to use his tongue and to get me off through the panties, taking control every time I don't like what he's doing; rubbing my clit the way I want it to be rubbed,


I decide to turn and face his legs, instead of the head board of the bed; smothering his face as I turn around.


I love watching this confident man turn into putty and become a little nervous bitch.


He can tell I'm facing his dick now and I can see and feel his body tense up.

As his body tenses and twitches, so does his dick- which has me smiling since I know he in in a complete state of submissiveness.


I lean forward so I'm barely smothering his face now, in fact i'm barely touching his face.

As i take my sharp nails and dig them in by his ankles, I feel his head lean forward, trying to follow the warmth of my pussy.

I hear the moans as he sticks his tongue far out, trying to feel if my pussy is anywhere close by, but he's just out of reach.

As I pull my nails from his ankles, up his legs and towards his thighs; he throws his head back down onto the bed and lets out small screams.


Annoyed with his screams, and concerned my neighbors may hear, I abandon the scratching- for the moment- and find the already half soaked panties on the floor.


"You never finished cleaning these...." I begin in this shy, sad & innocent girl voice.


I sit on his chest and lift the blindfold.

I lean so close to his face and start kissing his neck, teasing him.

I stick my ass in the air, letting him have a view while his blindfold is temporarily off.

His hips start thrusting as he gets more and more turned on.

Since, it was OK to mark him physically, I started to give him a love-bite (a hickey). 

It  was not a gentle and loving hickey, it was a mean and viscous one, filled with bites and teeth marks.

When he goes to scream, I shove the half soaked, and now cold panties back into his mouth.

Looking out of the corner of my mouth I see him begin to gag. 

The panties had already been soaked with his spit and now were disgustingly moist and cold- making his gagging only worse.


Leaving the blindfold off; I lean over and reach for my spliff next to the bed.

Still sitting on his chest, having my warmth and wetness leak all over him- I light the spliff and looked deep into his eyes.


While inhaling, I trace my fingers over the fresh hickey, and begin to use my nails and scratch over the fresh wound.

When he winces, he also thrusts his body in pleasure.

His confidence and lack of humility only made me more angry.

Most men, in his position, would not be so bold as to let me know how bad they wanted to have their dick touched or even spit on.

Anytime I went  near the area his body and eyes filled with excitement.

I slap him hard across the face and take the panties out of his mouth, this time soaked in warm spit again.

I take the wet and heavy panties and use them to smack him across the face then across his chest.

I force his lips together in a fish face position with my claws and take a deep inhale of the spliff, before leaning forward and blowing all the smoke in his face, followed by biting his lip until he whimpered.

I then ashed the spliff right on his dick.

I could tell he enjoyed that.

So I continued to switch between ashing on his dick and ashing in his mouth.


I put his blindfold back on and the wet panties back into his mouth, then climbed off of him and off the bed.

I went back to the various toys I had dumped out.

Since the blind fold left him in  darkness, I took my time to pick out my tools.

For both reasons of being picky in my choosing and also leaving him wondering what I was going to do next.


I decided on the nipple clamps and my leather whip.

Walking around the edge of the bed, I pinched his nipples into the clamps with no warning what-so-ever.

He flailed around in pain as I pinched each nipple harder together with the clamps before releasing.

I then waked back to the edge of the bed, where his feet lay.

His dick was semi-hard when I began whipping his thighs and groin area.

After a few strokes he was then rock hard.


I continued to move between whipping, face smothering and scratching until he was about to burst.

Then I straddled him and began to dry hump him through my PVC suit,

Wrapping my hand around his shaft I then dug my nails into the side of his member while also biting his bottom lip at the same time.

My tits pushing against his chest, I continued to dry hump his hips for my own pleasure while aggressively stoking his dick up and down and digging my nails in.

When he released himself all over his stomach he whimpered and squirmed in delight. 

While he layed there, out of breath and in defeat; I took my fingers and wiped up his cum and forced him to eat it off my fingers while he was still blind folded.

This was something he told me he would enjoy.


With not only him satisfied, but the 2 clients before him, I felt this wave of satisfaction.

As this once confident and cocky man, now got dressed in complete silence and humility- I smiled.

He thanked me again before he handed me a tip of 50 pounds.

Instead of thanking him, I was on a Domme high and questioned, 

"This is it? You are lucky I don't take you to the Cash Machine and drain you of all your money!"


His eyes went the widest I had seen them that night thus far,

"You... You've done that?!" He asked him shock.


"Yes..." I began. "With my one client, I got him in the collar and leash, followed by his jacket. I pulled the leash through his sleeve and out towards his hand. I then walked him all the way to the cash machine, discreetly tugging and pulling on the leash all the way. No one walking by could tell, I didn't want it to seem like I was robbing him, even though that's what he wanted. When we got to the Machine I first had him print his balance, then I had him withdraw everything the limit allowed him to, until the Machine refused to empty more money. With the cash in hand, I un-did the collar in the middle of street, away from people's eyes, and just left him in the middle of the road."


Luke was shocked.

"Can you do that to me right now?!" He asked eagerly.


'Could this day get any better?' I thought to myself.


"Fuck yeah" I told Luke.


I did exactly what I did to the last guy who wanted to be financially drained, leaving Luke abandoned in the street- 

drained of his cum and his money.


When I finally got back into my comfy booty shorts and crop top, I rolled a fat spliff, ordered Chinese food, popped on Netflix while admiring my fat stack of well earned cash.


Days like this don't come around often, but when they do, you can't help but be reminded of what a Bad ass Bitch you are.