I am a sinner; who will probably sin again. September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

Yesterday I had my first real cross dresser.
I like to think I handled it quite well.

When he called to "book" the appointment he requested that I have a variety of outfits to change into. Which, honestly`, is an odd request for me since I advertise myself as a down to earth, no make-up, comfortable and natural girl.
Summer-tyme, my best friend and fellow whore, tends to get the guys who ask for loads of make-up, heels, slutty outfits etc.
So, upon his arrival I had a school girl outfit, variety of bras and panties, as well as some one piece crotch less outfits.

Mind you - I wasn't aware these outfits were for him... yet.

He arrived a young looking 25 year old; white with thin- gangly like limbs.
Once behind closed bedroom doors, I started changing into my newer, sexier outfits that Summer had surprised me with last night(I'll explain later...). He politely complimented me before exclaiming,
"Should I try one on for a joke?"

This, fellow readers, is where I like to think I handle myself quite well.
Instead of questioning "the client", I fulfill his desires by ordering him into the sexy school girl ensemble.
I quickly excuse myself into the living area to 'find stockings' but really I run over to Summer and whisper my excitement.

When I return to the room, he still isn't in the outfit and reminds me of some lost puppy that needs guidance.

Maybe this is his first time too?
Maybe he is just seeing if it's for him?
How would you even find out it's for you?

I take his hand and guide him into the skirt, then the Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" blouse.
I'm not being demanding anymore;
instead i'm sympathetic and complementary like he was with me.
I guide each leg into each stocking before walking him over to the mirror and saying,
"You look better in that than me!"
And, there's some truth to that. The stockings on his thin, long legs looked toned lady - like.

He was timid, yet receptive.
I even re-call a twirl or two in the skirt.

I lightly pushed him onto the bed and lifted up the skirt to give him oral, with a condom - of course.
Once he was good and hard in my mouth, I couldn't help but ask what I had been wondering all along...

"So, why DO you think you like being in women's clothes?"

All the while tugging at his hard dick, letting my tongue circle the top.

"I guess..." He tries in between heavy breathes of excitement.

"I think it looks beautiful. Because women look beautiful. I almost look down at my legs and they look beautiful like a womens."

"I get it". I reply simply.

Then I get him to cum (secret recipe), and get him out of the now stretched 'naughty' school girl outfit.

Men are funny once they cum.

There's an expression in my industry;


Once they cum, thy can't get dressed and out the door fast enough. Most of these 'bolters' don't even ave ther belt buckled and they're gone.

My theory is; once they cum they get overwhelmed with the realization that they just paid for sex.

I get a similar feeling when I masturbate. Once I cum I get filled with this feeling.

It's not shame.
It's not guilt,
But it's something similar.
I look back on the scene of porn that just made me cum and had my legs twitching and giving out- and think, 'WOW, I was just really into it right then...' 'And to that scene...'
The porn that just made me cum so hard is now revolting. I can't close the browser window fast enough.

So, this cross dresser was a 'Bolter'.
I didn't even have time to tell him how exciting it was for me. Or even ask him more personal, inappropriate questions; which I love!
He was gone.

It was an experience.
For both of us!


By the way, I want to make it clear that 98.9% of the people I see are extremely normal men and women. The stereotypical guy who sees me tends to be gentle and kind. They want to make love an feel wanted by a beautiful girl.
However, everyone is 'normal' to me.
The cross dresser is normal to me.
I'm 'normal'.

But, certain experiences and certain people make better writing material. So, I tend to write about my more experimental clients.

The day before I had a guy who was obsessed with spit. And, although he's his own experience; his is quite "usual" to society standards.
These new experiences are very interesting for me. Sometimes, I find myself getting turned on from the most bizarre things.
Other times, I assumed I would get turned on but then didn't.

Either way, it's something new.


This London trip changed a lot of things for my future.

1) I'm OFFiCiALLY moving here ASAP (with Summer-tyme)!!!!

2) I came to the realization that my family, friends etc know exactly what I do. My face and photos are out there. And, I Love what I do. So, I decided to go full throttle. NOT porn; but, take advantage of my assets, my body, my marketing advantages and my writing.

Ever since I started writing this blog I've getting so many positive reactions, which just affirmed everything I know I should keep doing.

I shouldn't have to tell you this; but.....

This is MY life.
My amazing, lucky life.
Anyone who thinks i'm doing this out of force... I do this because I fucking LOVE sex. I love meeting new people. And to be honest- I sleep like a baby every night from all the stress relieving orgasms, haha.

Exciting things are happening!