GIMP September 23, 2014

I've spent the past couple days locked up in another world with Chloe LaRayne. 


 My computer linked to the 30" HD TV in my living room; displaying MFC webcam girls on the big screen. 
I sit on one couch controlling the stream of webcam girl hows, while rolling spliffs. 
Chloe n the other couch, smoking a spliff, skyping with her slave in the U.S. 
I've been a MFC webcam model for a month now, and the benefits have been surprisingly great. Chloe had expressed interest as well, so I was excited for her to com over and get lost with me. You watch these webcam girls for hours; in awe. 
Some fuck themselves with dildos in group mode and some dress in crazy superhero outfits and put shows on. 
You watch them to the point where you get de-sensitized . 
You run into the real world to get rolling papers or munchies and find yourself looking at passerby's wondering if they too, are aware of this world. 

I woke up. 
Realized the weed stash was slim to none. 
The food stash had been eaten while stoned. 
And my cash stash was out. 3 days had gone by. 
Chloe was well on her way to being accepted on MC herself. 
I was having so much fun together. I hated to break the mood by escorting. 
But, I wanted more weed and an expensive, yet good, delivery meal. 
I checked my phone for potential clients.... 

 "Hi American Cassidy, Please allow me to make the following comment.... fuck me you are awesome!! I was wondering if you would be happy to cater for my kinky fantasy? I have a massive fetish kink for gorgeous girls in kinky fetish clothes, I am not really into dom/ bdsm/ pain, I just love sexy girls in fetish clothes such as PVC, latex, leather. I have a gorgeous bran new (still in packaging) two piece latex outfit consisting of a royal blue latex top with matching royal blue latex crotch-less leggings. I bought these from Westwardbound and I think they would fit you perfectly with the blue highlights in your hair. You'd look absolutely awesome in them- especially once they are polished and shined up! There's o need to feel daft dressed up in rubber- you won't be on your own as I will also be dressed up as a gimp from head to toe in black rubber (Hope that doesn't freak you out!!)... and that also has the added advantage that you won't have to look at my face LOL! 

Please take a look at the photos on my AW profile page they'll give you an idea where I am coming from. Would you be happy to wear my kinky latex fetish gear? Your profile says filming is extra 40# would it be ok for me to film our meeting on my camcorder (I assure you this is for my own personal use only and you can even have copies for your AW profile if you like) About me, I am 100% white British, 37 years old, 5'7" tall and of medium build (going a bit baldy on top). I am also a bit shy, clean sensitive and discrete (please see my W feedback) Let me know what you think. Hope to see you real soon - all in kinky latex) - Greg 


He calls me and we work out the details; and now I have a booking. 
Chloe is a Dom, so she was quite excited about my booking for me. Even though he said he was coming, 
I never take that at face value. 
However, he sounded more serious than most. 
As per usual request; he called to let me know he was 15-20 minutes away. 
Usually, I take this time for my "15 minute mad dash" but since he was bringing me a whole outfit; all that I had to do was make the bed. 

I think there's this big mis-conception that when I open that door- I'm confident and relaxed. I'm nervous as fuck. 
The few minutes I wait, anticipating their knock, is filled with anxiety. 
Chloe sat quietly in the front room. 



 I open the door and find exactly what he described; a 37 year old British male etc. 
He's carrying a HUGE duffle bag. 
 As I invite him in, I make witty small talk. 
 "Ohhh! I love this bag you're bringing in! This is going to be fun!" 


 Once upstairs, we continued to get to know each other while he un packed. 
As well as matching latex outfits, he had a collar & chain, a tripod, a video camera and a variety of cleaners to polish the latex outfits. 
 He handed me payment, along with a 50 pound tip, which was super awesome! And to be honest, is a huge turn on. 
Along with my decent fee, he handed me the wrapped outfit.
So, I excused myself to get changed.

I run downstairs.
I can't wait to tell Chloe about my tip!
Call da weed man!
But, she's more excited about the kinky clothing! Haha!

I soon realized Latex is ridiculously hard to get into. If Chloe wasn't there; I would have been screwed.
After a good 10 minutes, we succeeded.
And fuck me, I looked good.

Sure, the crotch area was a bit big and baggy, but I felt sexy as fuck.

I returned upstairs and found him fully dressed in a gimp suit. 
I thought I was going to find it freaky, but I didn't.
Chloe came up and took some awesome photos of us.Usually I'd say, 'What happened behind that closed door remains between us.'
However, he filmed our session; which in turn I now have and am selling on AW & MFC. 
In other words; you can see behind the door--- for a price.

After the session, Greg remained respectful and we continued to have great conversation.
All in all it's amazing how someone who wants something so kinky is so normal and laid back.

People cease to amaze me.

I left the cocoon of Chloe's and I's world to re-up on weed & munchies.
When I returned we didn't skip a beat and picked right back up.
It feels good to know she doesn't judge me.
I can be myself; she can get lost with me.
I'm sure most people find our world weird and haunting; yet we see beauty in it.
We see something else.

Chloe had finally been accepted on MFC.
Within 10 minutes she had 80 people in her room! 

Both being able to webcam...
We did just that and slipped into silence.
I sneak glances out of the corner of my eyes.
She looks so good.
She knows exactly how to move.
She's beautiful.


This world, no matter how entertaining-
couldn't last forever...

Summer eventually came home from London.
The living room transformed back to a living room.

Chloe and I sat in my room a.k.a 'Stoners Pradise'.

The mood had shifted.
Summer had some drama.
Chloe and I laid in bed watching 'Flava of Love', laughing, stoned.
But, Chloe and I could sit in silence and it wouldn't be weird at all.

Eventually, the toll of escaping to our world caught up with us.
Real world problems now needing to be solved.
I walk her to the train station and say goodbye.
I'm so glad she extended her stay.

Seeing her helps me stay on the right track and focus.