FROM BiRMiNGHAM TO LONDON!!! August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014

Does it feel good to be back in London.
I used to talk so much shit about London; and sometimes still do.
                          "It's too big.
                                 too crowded.
                                 too overwhelming.
                                 too touristy."    I'd say about it.

However, after coming here various times for work,
and the most recent visit with my younger brother who wanted to go EVERYWHERE;
I now know it fairly well.

I've got the underground map down,
as well as shopping & amazing food areas.
Food is incredible in London.
There are so many options,
so many god comforting American Foods.
I have sushi delivered pretty much every night.

So, now, I kinda  / sorta dig London.

I still prefer the North (A.K.A. Manchester) over London.

And, I definitely still can't stand all the tourists here, same goes for New York City.


Birmingham was pretty shit.
I didn't feel the best.
People were pissing me off, especially the people calling my phone for bookings.
And, i was anxious to arrive here, in London.

We had a bit of a surprise when we did arrive, only to find out the private serviced apartment we got near Notting Hill, wanted 500£ deposit for the dog.
AND - 300£ cleaning charge.
A total of 800£ for a dog.

Well, Summer was NOT having that.
Summer argued her way to the point where they let us in and allowed us 12 hours to pay the deposit.
Which- of course, we did.

We thought of staying in another hotel or apartment,
but with looking last minute, Carnival here and the dog with us;
it was way more expensive and we weren't going to get 12 hours to get it together, haha.

The apartment is pretty dope though,
I'll have to take some photos.
There's still soooo much I need / want to do in London.

OH! -
Bonita is coming up for Carnival this weekend!

shit will be cray, yo